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In Rough Weather. On Rough Roads.
Make the Switch from Vans to Trucks.
Upgrade Your Fleet
As winter approaches, make sure you can reach your rural customers by upgrading your fleet from vans to trucks. Not only can trucks offer you durability and dependability, they’re also more readily available than vans during this time of supply chain issues and vehicle shortages. Discover why there’s no better time than now to make the switch.
Why Now Is the Best Time to Evaluate Your Fleet
As fleets approach or exceed their life cycle, costs start to climb and efficiency starts to plummet. A lot of companies are being forced to exceed the normal upgrade cycle of their fleets due to supply chain shortages reducing the availability of vehicles. If you’re one of those companies, you may be facing issues like:

As wear and tear accumulates, your vans begin to break down more frequently and cost more to repair.


As van mileage goes up and breakdowns occur more often, the trade-in value of your fleet is decreasing.


Driver satisfaction is decreasing along with their ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Trucks May Be the Answer
If you operate in telecom, construction, or home services, switching your fleet may be your best solution both for the short and long term.
Increase Durability
Trucks are ideal for servicing rural customers or operating in inclement weather. They stand up to the elements while also retaining their value for a longer than vans.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Thanks to their durability and maneuverability, trucks require less maintenance and can go the distance when it comes to getting a day’s work done.
Motivate Drivers
Trucks outperform vans every time for driver satisfaction thanks to their comfort, climate-controlled cabs, and dependability in a wider range of driving conditions.
Common Questions about Making the Switch
What about gas mileage?
While trucks do have higher fuel costs than vans, they offer a higher residual value and lower maintenance costs to offset gas prices in the long run.
Don’t vans have more capacity?
Our experience and expertise allow us to match and often exceed van capacity in a lightweight, highly durable upfit.
Aren’t vans safer for cargo?
Our truck upfitting services include providing enclosed beds to keep your cargo safe from the elements. Trucks are also more durable, improving driver safety on rough roads.
Increasing Capacity and Lowering Costs
CHALLENGE: Midco needed truck layout flexibility and the ability to maneuver in all terrains and weather conditions.
SOLUTION: Switch from cargo vans to 4x4 Dodge RAM trucks.
Higher Value
With a higher vehicle residual value, the fleet operating costs went down.
Better Fit
We moved Midco from cargo vans to 4-wheel drive pickup trucks, which were better suited for rural areas.
More Flexibility
Five different truck layouts give added flexibility to select the right vehicle for the job.
CUSTOMER GOALS: Create the flexibility to mix and match upfits to different applications, introduce a vehicle type that can handle rough terrain, and be able to respond quickly to the needs of our rapidly growing fleet.
Due to model changes, Midco was looking to find a new fleet solution to help them provide exceptional cable, internet, and phone service to subscribers throughout the upper Midwest. Rural service areas and field service requirements meant that their technicians needed a reliable way to transport sensitive technology and equipment over sometimes rough terrain. Midco also wanted to improve turnaround time to get vehicles in the field as quickly as possible.
4x4 RAM pickups, climate-controlled equipment storage, five truck configurations
In collaboration with their FMC partner, we quickly sourced 4WD RAM pickups that allow technicians to go wherever they need to, reliably and comfortably. By customizing the crew cab, we created secure, temperature-controlled interior storage for sensitive diagnostic equipment. Technicians love the visibility, comfort, and drivability provided by the new pickups. With five different configurations available on one chassis, we provided flexibility while streamlining maintenance and operations.
Wondering if switching your fleet from vans to trucks is the right move? 
You operate in one of the following sectors: telecom, construction, or home services.
Your fleet is nearing or has surpassed the standard replacement cycle.
Maintenance costs have risen in recent months.
Your operators are struggling to keep up with their routes or are disenchanted with their vans.
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